The Performance Before the Performance.

The smell of popcorn at a movie theater is nice. But the smell of prime-rib, brown-butter new potatoes, and seasonal vegetables in parsley cream sauce is much, much better.

If you’re in the mood for a dinner theater near Fort Collins, you actually get two performances at the Candlelight. Everyone knows you’ll get a professional Broadway-style theatrical performance, but one of the most surprising things for many first-time visitors is the intricacy of the menu.

You see, the menu is carefully crafted to match the show, taking inspiration from the setting and the feel of the theatrical performance and turning it into an experience all its own. If the show is set in London, you might find bangers and mash on the menu, along with a number of other authentic, savory options. Set in the old west? Cowboy cuisine like you’ve never had it. Add new drink combinations that might be favorites of the characters on stage, and you’ve got an all-encompassing evening.

The dessert course is optional, but you’ll definitely want to try it out, because it might just be the most fun! Your food has had time to settle, you’re halfway through the musical, and you’re served by the characters. Inter-act! It’s certainly acceptable to express your appreciation to them even though their performance is only half over!

So think of your meal as an exquisite appetizer to the show, a yummy taste of what’s to come. If you’re looking for a dinner theater near Fort Collins where the dinner and the theater click!, click here to see what’s next on the menu.

  • We laughed so hard tonight, I cried. The best time we have had this year…

    Dan T.,

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