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We’re Flying!

Submitted By Jessica Jacobson (Wendy Darling) 
Learning to Fly- 
     The development of Peter Pan the Musical has been such a success thus far. This week we finally learned how to fly! It was a much anticipated experience, and everyone was a tidbit nervous to find out what if feels like to soar above the stage. We began with proper harness placement, and we discovered how important it is to wear it tight against the body. When they finally lifted us into the air, I felt most of the pressure in my waist and shoulders. I expected it to feel as if we were on The Tower of Terror ride at Disney World, with lots of stomach shifting and a feeling of weightlessness. However, when we are in the air, the sensation is more like being on a swing set and never being sent back to the ground. What is most important about flying is posture. We must hold energy in our chests and think tall while tucking our pelvis under in order to stay engaged in our abdominal muscles. While we fly, we also tuck one leg up into passé in order to keep pressure off of our groin muscles. The more we fly, the more we discover what feels good, and what to alter when things are wrong. It is going to be an adventure, and I can't wait fly t Neverland every night.


  • We laughed so hard tonight, I cried. The best time we have had this year…

    Dan T.,

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