The Candlelight Dinner Playhouse presents…

Long before the curtain rises at the Candlelight dinner theater, the show has already begun!

As you wait in the lobby, perhaps waiting on friends or just enjoying the fireplaces, have a drink and take a look at the poster for your performance. Now, realize how little you actually know about what’s going to happen…   Even if you’ve seen the show performed elsewhere, the poster is the only hint you have so far that this version is going to be fresh. The hints keep coming, though. Just why are the maître d’s sideburns so long? In fact, come to think of it, the entire wait staff seems to have a certain theatrical flair. No matter, here’s the menu. Interesting drink names… “The Randy Doorman,” never heard of that one before. And the meals all seem to be themed to match that poster in the lobby. It’s as if every aspect of the meal is to give you a subtle taste of what’s to come.

Take your time…this is your evening out. Savor each bite, each sip. When the plates are cleared, no rush. Have some coffee, keep the conversation going, sit back and relax. Your night’s only halfway done! The orchestra tunes up, tension builds. But if we’ve done our job, what you see when the curtain rises will feel familiar. The menu suggested the setting, you see the maître d’ on stage, putting those sideburns to good use. And is that your server playing the role of…the Randy Doorman? It’s going to be a good show.



  • We laughed so hard tonight, I cried. The best time we have had this year…

    Dan T.,

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